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Mission Statement

Christian Homes for Children gives hope, healing and comfort to abused and neglected children by providing them with safe homes of love led by caring compassionate parents.


Christian Homes For Children - 2015
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Dramatic, Proven Results

This young lady came to CHFC as a baby and is honored to bear the name of Barbara as she is named for the spouse of Christian Homes for Children founder, Dr. George Brown. She offers this video in memory of her mother, Mrs. Doris Ramos. “When I want to hear my mother’s voice, I listen to this.”

Impact Summary from the Nonprofit

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a child is abused somewhere in the United states every ten seconds. Christian Homes for Children has rescued more than 1100 of these children over the years. 'Our' children have emerged from circumstances of neglect, physical/mental abuse, disability, poverty and other difficult life situations. However, we have watched many of 'our' children develop from infancy into adulthood and adopted by the same family that has cared for them since birth.


A group of concerned citizens at the Hialeah Church of Christ in Miami, Florida recognized the plight of suffering children early on and first attempted to rescue these and other abused and neglected children by sheltering them in their own homes. As the community's need to protect destitute children grew beyond the scope of its resources, local authorities began to call for "clusters or pods of residential or professionally supervised group foster homes to be established in the community. These authorities also requested that the community not only maintain and sustain the homes, but provide enrichment activities for the children as well."

Christian Homes for Children responded to the community’s need by erecting five four bedroom, three bathroom 'homes of love' dedicated solely to the relief of suffering children. Christian Homes for Children realizes the inherent value of serving the needs of the poor, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised in society. Moreover, Christian Homes for Children continues to preserve the integrity of its human services, education, and community development model by living up to its mission of not only providing permanent homes of love for abused and neglected children, but offering the children hope for the future by guiding them from infancy into adulthood and introducing them to society as capable adults and productive citizens.

An explicit overview of Christian Homes for Children initiatives detail the construction of private homes of love equipped with central air and plush carpeting specifically for children in foster care. CHFC recruits dedicated parents to reside in the homes at no cost while caring for up to six abused and neglected children. As CHFC residences were specifically constructed to provide permanent homes for the children, Christian Homes for Children ensures the longevity and success of each family unit through direct substantive support by way of modest monthly stipends, supplemental food and clothing allowances, furniture and utility payments as needed as well as ongoing spiritual guidance. At its apex, the CHFC program offered professional psychological counseling services, daily educational assistance by way of the CHFC Extra Mile Learning Center’s tutoring program, and family enrichment activities such as trips to local art and science museums, performing arts centers, and parks and recreation facilities. Our innovative program has achieved unparalleled success in its ability to retain foster parents that are so genuinely devoted to the care, health, and over-all well being of their children so much so that many are inspired to adopt the children in their care.

Christian Homes for Children is a labor of love to which so many parents have devoted their lives, including Berta Torres (33 years), Rolando Ramos (20 years even after losing his wife to cancer), Julia Wilcox (25 years, who adopted six children, three of whom had biological parents who died of AIDS), and Leon and Rhonda Engram (18 years). All of these wonderful parents have adopted at least one child. Two of them have adopted six children, including James and Nellie Dassaw (25 years).