Christian Homes for Children is a labor of love to which so many have devoted their lives. At inception, the CHFC program model was unique to the nation because it not only built private homes of love specifically for abused and neglected children, it also provided the children and the families that care for them with direct monetary supplemental support, and other supportive services in the form of supplemental food, clothing, school supplies as well as other social, educational, and spiritually compassionate services. These services are provided for the children and their families from infancy through adulthood. With the help of God and thousands of volunteers, we have been able to remain true to our mission for over 38 years. However, we realize the need to continue rescuing as many destitute children as possible. Can the children count on you?

Dr. George M. Brown

Founder & Director of Operations

Dr. George M. Brown is the founder of Christian Homes for Children and currently serves as Director of Operations. He and his beloved wife, Barbara “Angel” Brown, have lovingly nurtured their dream of rescuing destitute children and brought their dream to fruition by way of dedicated and humble service in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Brown has an extensive background and training that qualifies him to serve as the leader in all aspects of the work with abused and abandoned children. Together with Charles and Beverly Gatton, he and his wife (Barbara Eaton Brown) established the Downtown Church of Christ in the slums of Kansas City, Missouri that has now served the needs of this nation's poorest for more than 50 years. As a devoted Christian counselor and minister, he’s offered seminars and workshops on the power of prayer all over the United States and has witnessed such great successes in the ministry.

He has served as a college professor of Speech Communication for more than 37 years and is the first member of Miami-Dade Community College’s teaching faculty ever to be honored as Distinguished Service Professor. Furthermore, he’s received over 300 other awards for service throughout the South Florida community and Miami-Dade College as well.

Moreover, Dr. Brown wrote the book entitled Prayer Power and continues to donate all of the proceeds on behalf of abused and abandoned children. Though always working full-time, he somehow managed to find the time to raise more than $4,000,000 over 38 years for otherwise homeless children. As always, he serves Christian Homes for Children, Inc. on a voluntary, non-paid basis.

Mary Menziess

Executive Director, Director of Programs Services & CEO

  • Michael Hursey, President & Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. George Brown, Founder & Director of Operations
  • David Capiro, Vice President
  • Charles Gatton, Vice President
  • Joe Fernandez, Treasurer
  • Jeff Judd, Secretary
  • Anthony Mijares
  • Steve Hogan
  • Wayne Adams
  • Lisa Wishart Chaffin
  • Robert Nichols
  • Michael Stacks
  • Ruth Calvin, Chair
  • Ron Bolden
  • Alva Camon
  • Kevin & Vanessa Coffee
  • James & Nellie Dassaw
  • Devon Dassaw
  • Shere Eckley
  • Glenda Escamilla
  • Rachel Fuller
  • Karen Hoots
  • Paula Johnson
  • Sandra Jones
  • Jazmin Taylor & Joyce Maddox
  • Joanne Plumlee
  • Shirley Roberts
  • Shirley Robinson
  • Gwendolyn Ross
  • Andrea Stanislas
  • Julia Wilcox
  • Catherine Daniels
  • Jerry & Monique Williamson